Telecommunication professional servicesWe support conferencing networks on 3 different continents in 40+ countries, servicing 35+ million minutes every day.
3 continents

We support conferencing networks on 3 different in continents in 40+ countries servicing 20+ million minutes every day.

24/7 support

Our team of experts provide 24/7 support to every client to ensure service is up and running without disturbance.

99.9999% uptime

We ensure our clients service retains an uptime of 99.9999%, beyond the industry standard.

conferencing minutes are serviced by us every day
Conferencing Design

Our project manager works with you to scope your conferencing solution and create a list of requirements to ensure your needs are met.

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Conferencing Maintenance

We don't only maintain solutions we have created previously. We also provide conferencing maintenance to services inherited through our clients.

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Conferencing Support

We provide 2nd and 3rd line support for bespoke and traditional audio conferencing networks with our in-house team of specialists.

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