NetDev was founded by current CEO John Logsdon with the goal of combining telecoms expertise with next-generation technology to deliver communications applications for global carriers, operators and communications service providers.

NetDev is an innovative, forward-looking telecommunications company with a fresh approach to voice communications. We specialise in developing and deploying mission-critical advanced voice applications for major telecoms operators..

Our applications are feature-rich, scalable and built to industry standards. They are ready for service on legacy and disparate systems, as well as multi-vendor platforms.


Formed in 2003, but with expertise in NGIN services spanning back to the early 1990s, we bring experience and innovation into the telecoms space.

We pride ourselves on being thought leaders who constantly seek to develop new solutions that improve not only network performance, but the financial performance of our customers.

Our vision is to provide an open communications environment where our customers take control of their network evolution and the expansion and longevity of their value-added services.


2005 sees John extend his team and move to a new modern office. As the minutes being serviced by NetDev stack up, so does the requirement for additional hands on deck.


An iconic year for NetDev, the team now has several teams handling various substantial organisations in a much larger office.

NetDev moves to Dukes Lane, in the heart of Brighton's famous Lanes. The team begins to service up to 5 million conferencing minutes a day. 


NetDev is now servicing in excess of 10 million conferencing minutes a day for a handful of the UK's largest Telcos.

2012 was also the year Drum, as a product, was created. Using WebRTC combined with HMTL5 and CSS3, Drum provides a web meeting solution that is fully accessible within the browser.   


NetDev now services in excess of 20 million minutes a day for some of the UK's largest Telcos.

In addition, NetDev also provides the support for Drum's web meeting solution, which gained 1,000 new businesses in its first four weeks.